Ratcliffe Design 2018 | Role: Art Direction, Motion 

Crafting an identity system for a furniture designer

The Challenge

Ratcliffe Design is a furniture design shop located in Toronto, Ontario owned by Mary Ratcliffe. Mary needed to evolve her business from just her name into a brand system that will grow and change over time with new products.

The Approach

Mary's work is crafted with proprietary techniques measured to perfection using the golden ratio. This mathematical approach analyzes the proportions of natural objects — creating aesthetically pleasing results in Mary’s work.

Taking inspiration from her design process, I created a versatile grid system based on golden ratio measurements. This system is used throughout the brand identity to create unique layouts and patterns that pair nicely next to the photography. 

Visual Identity

Good design goes unnoticed. To the untrained eye, Mary’s work may just seem like great looking furniture — but behind each piece is countless hours spent in the shop developing techniques, colours and finishes.

The visual identity reflects that same idea of a ‘method to the madness’ by using an unconventional grid structure to build layouts and organize content.

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